“Wonderful You” Christmas Present

“Wonderful You” Christmas Present


Buying Personal Training sessions for someone special is a unique and thoughtful  Christmas gift. 

(We know some of our clients asked Father Christmas for them)

Every year people contact us wanting to buy someone they love some training sessions. They are always worried that their Wives, Husbands, Partners or whom ever will be offended….they are always thrilled!

Here is what we hear from people who have been bought training sessions with us:


“It gave me the push I needed to get started”

            “I never thought I could lose weight”

“I would never of had the confidence to do this alone”

           “training here has been such a different experience for me”

“It seemed too self indulgent to invest this amount on me no matter how much I wanted it”

          “I am so glad I was bought this, I never thought I could look or feel this great, thank you”


We think the “Wonderful You” Christmas Present is a thoughtful and unique gift that will really help you say thank you to someone special for being wonderful this Christmas.


“Wonderful You” Christmas Present includes:

  • 16   60 minutes personal training sessions with your very own trainer
  • That works out at around 2 personal training sessions a week in Jan and Feb 2014
  • Sessions take place in our unique and totally private fitness studio
  • Nutritional guidance and eating plan
  • Bespoke home training plans created by your trainer
  • Total support from your trainer throughout agreed with you


  • Because we really want to make this a great fitness experience we are throwing in unlimited access to our New Year Embankment Fitness and Fatloss Bootcamps which so many of our clients already choose to do to help achieve their weight loss and fitness goals with us. They are tough, sweaty, fun but we have seen some amazing results from Bootcampers and Clients.

This is a great combination for a “Wonderful You”.

So you get all this..

  • 16 60 minute PT sessions in our unique and private studio
  • 18 Fitness and Fatloss Bootcamp sessions
  • Nutritional guidance and eating plan
  • Bespoke home training plans
  • Total support throughout

This package is £500 if you wait until December…

BUY NOW for £480 and reserve your January Personal Training and Bootcamp space with us right now.

Our Terms and Conditions apply so please ask. 

Call now 07879 614730   or email     [email protected]   to talk to us now about buying “Wonderful You” Christmas Present for someone special this Christmas.

Talk soon,