Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

East Wing Fitness Studio, The Keep, Bedford Rd, MK42 8AH


SGPT has the buzz of group fitness and the specifity of 1:1 PT and  it could be right for you.

  • evening & weekend slots (see our current SGPT sessions on our Small Group Fitness Timetable)
  • numbers always limited
  • block books available
  • corporate enquiries welcomed
  • sessions are private and take place at EWFS

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A Group Personal Training session should be entirely different from a Small Group Fitness session. They are often confused so let’s be clear.

  • A great Small Group Fitness instructor pays attention to individuals in the group attempting to satisfy a broad audience. However the session is still general in design and goal setting, strategy, nutritional advice and progress tracking are not included.
  •  A great Small Group Personal Training session is designed to meet not only the groups needs but the individuals needs within the group and should include consultation, goal setting, strategy planning, nutritional advice and progress tracking. With numbers always limited the session is then truly a Small Group Personal Training experience.

SGPT is the halfway house between group fitness and 1:1 PT taking benefits from both worlds and delivering all the results.

If you are looking for something more than group fitness  but 1:1 PT sessions not for you right now, consider SGPT .

  • £10 PER person PER session, paid a month in advance
  • £12 PER person PER session drop in

Space is limited for these sessions so please call OR email to book a consultation.

Email   OR     call 07879 614 730