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So the kids are off school, you can’t get to the gym your time is short and you want to keep up your exercise…

Jump Rope is an awesome form of exercise. It offers an excellent form of cardiovascular training as well as full body strength training, resulting in fat loss and muscle growth for a nice healthy sculpted body. What’s more is, it is cheap, easily transportable, is easy to do and can be done anywhere! I typically like to create HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts using the jump rope; combining jump rope intervals with strength training moves to ensure a full body blast in minimal time. These workouts provide clients with an intense full body routine that is portable and efficient.

What Type of Jump Rope is Recommended?
I recommend getting a “speed rope”. They cost about £10 and are available at any sporting goods store. The speed rope is a plastic rope without the beads. It is preferable to get an adjustable jump rope to ensure you don’t hit the top of your head as you jump; also you want to be sure the rope is not too long or it will prevent you from jumping at a fast speed! The un-weighted jump rope is also preferable.

Practice Makes Perfect:
Many people that attempt to jump rope, get frustrated, and quickly find alternative conditioning tools. Do not allow your frustration to interfere with your development as an athlete! Remember practice makes perfect – so if you are new to the jump rope start out slow, practice for a few weeks and before you know it- you will have mastered this amazing exercise!

Looking to try something new? Here is a great HIIT workout using the Jump Rope for you to try. The entire workout should take you about 45 minutes to complete. Please be sure to check with a physician before commencing any new fitness or workout program. Also be sure to properly stretch and warm up as well as cool down after your workout is done! Good luck and have fun!

Warm Up: 2 minutes simulated Jump Rope followed by 3 minutes full body stretch.

You will perform 1 minute of Jump Rope followed by the prescribed exercise (typically takes about 1 minute to complete prescribed exercise). Take 15 seconds to get yourself ready for each move; so you will have 15 second breaks between exercises and jumping rope. Beginners perform the circuit one time; advanced athletes take 2 minute rest and walk it out before repeating circuit one time for a 45 minute total body workout.


1 minute Jump Rope

50 Mountain Climbers

1 minute Jump Rope

50 Bicycle Crunches

1 minute Jump Rope

25 Prisoner Squats

1 minute Jump Rope

15 Push Ups

1 minute Jump Rope

1 minute plank hold

1 minute Jump Rope

40 Regular Crunches

1 minute Jump Rope

30 Alternating Reverse Lunge

1 minute Jump Rope

15 Squat Thrusts

1 minute Jump Rope

Side Plank (30 seconds each side)

1 minute Jump Rope

30 Reverse Crunch

Beginner athletes cool down. Advanced athletes REST 2 MINUTES BEFORE REPEATING THE CIRCUIT ONCE MORE.

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